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11 years ago

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dog swallowed small rubber ball?

My dog swallowed a small rubber ball the size of a nickle maybe when I tried to get it from him I said “cookie” thinking he’d spit it right out but he swallowed it. can this get stuck in his intestines?
he’s 50 lbs
he ended up throwing it up early morning. I don’t know where they found the little ball, under something probably from when I was a kid. even though i had dogs before, i feel like a first time dog owner again with puppies.

This can absolutley get stuck, but there is no guarantee that it will. You should call you vet, get their opinion and just put them on notice. Make sure you know of a local E-Vet since it is the weekend.

Feed soft foods only, like mashed potatoes. If your dog requires surgery, the vet can cut through the mashed potatoes more easily then regular dry foods or meats.

Watch him like a hawk. If he starts vomiting or cannot poop, he is in trouble.

This may pass on it’s own. You are going to need to check his stool for a few weeks to see if it comes out. It could stay in for weeks without coming out and all of a sudden cause a problem, OR it could come out without a problem at all, OR it can cause a blockage soon. It depends.

The good news is that nature is amazing and you dogs body may know just what to do to get rid of the ball harmlessly. Either way, make sure your vet knows in case he needs help.

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