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Before the introduction of the Barbie doll fifty years ago, children played with dolls that looked like infants. Its makers – Mattel, if you have been living under a rock the past few years – determined that little girls also wanted to play with dolls that resembled adults and, thus, can be played in various fashion roles. The Barbie Holiday Doll 2010 continues that tradition.

You have probably tucked away a couple, maybe even enough to fill a large closet, of Barbie dolls from your childhood. In fact, most serious collectors of Barbie dolls started their fascination for the curvy dolls during their childhood years, which continues to peak today when Mattel issues a new series every year.

Anyways, the Christmas Barbie 2010 is yet another item to add to your collection. You will observe that manufacturer descriptions of the product specifically state that it is for the adult collector. But don’t let that deter you from giving it to your own daughter for her own enjoyment. At just $40 to $45 per doll, you can definitely afford it as a special Christmas gift.

Now, if you are going to purchase the Barbie Holiday Doll 2010 as a gift for yourself and to add to your collection – just because you deserve it after all the hard work in the past months – you will notice that the box in which the doll is delivered does not have a seal. Only a tape is in place to keep the doll inside the box.

You may worry about lesser value in the future because of the absence of the seal. We suggest just letting the tape as is since serious collectors will not look for a seal when they know none exists. Often, tampering with the box in any way lessens the value of the collector’s item and the 2010 Barbie Holiday Doll package is no exemption.

Now, let’s go back to the qualities that make the Holiday Barbie Doll 2010 a collector’s item. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to the snowy white ballroom-style gown made from sheer fabrics arranged in layers. There’s something so princess-like about it that immediately conjures up images of Cinderella and her coterie of fairytale princesses.

But of course, the strapless bodice is too modern to be worn by these fairytales damsels-in-distress. You will love how the gold and red patterns on the bodice combine in a classic with a modern touch kind of way so much so that your grandchildren 50 years from now will still find the entire gown up to their times.

But that’s not all. Just in case Barbie becomes cold during the party, a floor-length wrap is added for good measure. Add in the magnificent headdress and the glorious chandelier earrings and Barbie is set to conquer the gala or the ballroom party or the wherever it is she decides to spend the holidays.

We only have two complaints with this doll. It cannot stand on its own two feet unlike the other Barbie dolls and its red ribbon seems at home more on the box than on the fashion doll. In short, it looks a tad tacky.

Still, if you can overlook such small oversights, then the Holiday Barbie Doll 2010 is one of the best purchases this Christmas.

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I have a huge porcelain antique doll collection from the past 50 years, how can I find the value of them?

I have a collection of porcelain antique dolls from the past 50 years I am going to sell. How can I find out the value of them so i can get there true value when selling them. Some of them are from the Hamilton, Danbury Mint, and Paradise galleries. i want to be able to get the best value for them and just need to get some ideas to get them appraised.
I figured an antique appraiser would be a good idea but how do you find one?

Let me begin with a minor bit of education, if they are less than 100 years old, they are not antiques. If they are from the companies listed, they are not antiques, and, unfortunately will have little value. These companies make dolls as collectibles, meaning that nearly every one they made is still out there and in mint condition. I am sorry to have to say all that.

Some of these companies have made some dolls that are more desirable and rare than others. So a great deal will depend on what specific dolls you have. As a rule most serious collectors have no interest in dolls made by Paradise Galleries, these dolls are rather poorly made and were fairly inexpensive new. They will all realize a bit more if you still have all the packing materials and certificates for each.

There are specific artists that were used by these companies, who designed dolls more sought after because of a specific artists name being associated with their design.

Having said all of that, your best bet would be to find a doll hospital, collectors society, or doll museum in your area, for that check your local telephone directory, they will be able to either appraise your collection or direct you to another who is qualified. Also a potential for valuation may be an estate appraiser, but their fees are usually quite high.

Another viable option may be ebay, with a larger audience, you will probably realize greater monies than a private sale in your area. However, you do then have the listing fees and so forth. You may not have an idea of their value to begin with, but you’ll gain greater profits than any other venue is likely to offer.

I am sorry if this information is disappointing, but I do wish you all the best in liquidating this collection.

Toy Story 3 Barbie SECRET! Barbie and Ken Based on Earlier Dolls! Mike Mozart

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