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Doll Head
Doll Head

How to put a doll head back on again?

My daughter took her doll in the bath tub without my knowledge. When she got out, it had water in the body part so, I popped off the head to let it dry out. Now I can’t get it back on again!
The head is made out of vinyl and the body is plastic. But, the hole in the neck now seems to be too small to fit the body stem.
I’ve tried repeatedly to get this head back on! Anyone have any ideas or tips that I could try?

I recommend heating the “neck” vinyl with a blow dryer before trying to get the head back on. The warmth makes the vinyl much more pliable and gives it a “squish” factor it doesn’t have when cold (so it can be squished smaller, or stretched larger, depending on which way the head attaches on this doll). I use this method when re-stringing vinyl dolls (Like Galoob Baby Face dolls) to get the hard plastic plugs back in place and it works wonderfully (the plugs are usually twice the size of the hole it need to go through!) I have also used this method to re-attach the heads on my nieces doll when her brother pulls them off. Just let the blow dryer set running pointing at the vinyl for a few minutes….you will feel when the vinyl gets pliable enough.
P.S. This is also how doll manufacturers put inset eyes into a dolls head. They actually heat the vinyl and “blow up” the head with a bit of warm air to distort the eye holes enough to get the eyes in.
P.P.S. Can also be dipped in very hot water (nearly boiling) for the same heating effect, but only dip the part you want pliable and be careful handling it.

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