Doll Set

11 years ago

Doll Set
Doll Set

What’s the name of a doll website similar to LUTS and Dollfie?

I remember stumbling upon a website selling the same sort of ball-jointed dolls, but less expensive. And now I’ve lost the URL!
I remember they sold a circus-y set of dolls, with an acrobat, an animal-tamer, a fortune-teller… I liked it because they sold the dolls WITH clothing, instead of making you purchase it separately.
If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please let me know!

The only company I know of with circus-themed dolls is Iplehouse, and I wouldn’t call them cheaper than Luts or Volks (Dollfie is the type of doll, not the company). Maybe you were looking at one of the Chinese brands? They are often substantially cheaper than the Korean or Japanese brands. You might want to start checking the link on Resinality or Den of Angels if you still can’t find the company…also, keep in mind that if the circus line was limited, it might be sold out.

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