Dollfie Msd

11 years ago

Dollfie Msd
Dollfie Msd

Help me pick out some wigs for my doll?:)?

I have a really cool BJD (Ball Joint Doll), but she only has one wig.
This is her:

And I’ve picked out some wigs, but need to narrow it down. Help? 🙂

Please be nice 🙂
& I know this probably isn’t in the correct section, but I figured this would get more views than the Toy section… :/

Personally, I think this is the correct section lol =) I would go with the first one! Not the red one but the one on the first ebay link I`m like in love with it.

Layla BJD MSD Super Dollfie by Kaye Wiggs Box Opening

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