Dolls House

10 years ago

Dolls House
Dolls House

My earliest fondest memories were of the hours spent playing with dolls, and yes the central feature to all of this playing was most definitely my beautiful dolls house. Unlike many of my friends mine was a handmade hand painted beautiful palace, or so I imagined, with a perfect little family in residence.

It would be a good thing to ensure that your daughter or granddaughter have the same everlasting memories with their dolls in a great miniature house. Video games and iPods although popular do not offer the same worth and longevity that quality dolls and dolls houses do. I liked my first Sony walkman recorder but can’t really think of a specific time and memory where my walkman featured but, my dolls I remember vividly.

What would a dream miniature home be without a little family to live in the house. Dolls house dolls often depend on the type of house that you have and are buying. A Barbie would look out of place in a miniature doll house but get lost in a made to be sat in play house. I so clearly remember a perfect fit was never important though even my teddies were invited so yes dolls are a necessity, but all are welcome.

Miniature scale houses always have a certain fascination like a mini life, the first Sims computer games were played on the floors of little girls everywhere in their miniature dolls houses. The great thing about good dolls house furniture is the value is not only emotional, but also financial and this allows it to be an heirloom passed down From generation to generation always added to and shared.

When I think of dolls house toys it is always the furniture that I could not stop playing with rearranging the house and the furniture took much longer than actually playing with the dolls, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun if we didn’t have a little family to get the house ready for. Now that I have my daughter who is 5 I am slowly bringing out all of my old beautiful miniature furniture and together we shop to add to this wonderful collection starting her on what hopefully is one of many hobbies she will pursue, and teaching her how to value things worth valuing.

When you think of dolls house accessories and furniture you often think of the dining table, lounge suite, lamps and tables. But the bathroom and kitchen appliances that are out there often in antique porcelain will blow you away with their beauty and detail. The same applies to miniature mothers, fathers and children with their pets.

So the next time you are out looking for birthday present or Christmas shopping don’t get the latest gadget that will be replaced within a year or even the latest plastic made for mass distribution plastic toys. Enhance your connection with your child and get a toy that will give joy and have value for generations to come.

Dolls houses and accessories always will bring a joy to you and your child. For more information and to see examples of what is out there look at my website where I have tried to give a detailed overall view of that miniature world of dolls house dolls that we all knew so well once.

How to Build a Dolls House & Play House Out of Cardboard?

Is there any way to build a dolls house out of cardboard? Or a child’s indoor playhouse? Is there a website that instructs on how to possibly do this?

well, the easiest way to build a house out of cardboard(try to do it with a thick cardboard in order they could stand when pasted). first try to do an sketch of the house design (where the windows could be located, doors, number of rooms, etc…). Then if the house is for a specific size of doll then you measure the doll(s) and measure the walls height according to the height of the doll (you need to do this in order to know where the windows height could be placed). Then just cut out the already measured pieces of cardboard that would be the walls and floors of the house. Then draw the windows and doors and openings or whatever you want (wallpaper,paint) and cut only the door ways and windows. Then according to your sketch, paste the pieces first grab a piece and in one end put glue and paste that end with the other end of the other cardboard piece.
hope i helped.

A Doll’s House, Christopher Plummer & Julie Harris (Act I-1)

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