Drafting Drawing

11 years ago

Drafting Drawing
Drafting Drawing

what is a short career in drafting/drawing that would pay decent yet not much college is needed?

a career that is high pay
growing in job opportunites
not much mathematical skills
more artistic/drawing talent???

There are some Associates degrees (which are degrees that generally take two years to complete) that relate to the field of drafting, require artistic talent, and have good career growth potential. These include Computer Drafting and Design (turning sketches into computer models for engineers/architects) and Visual Communications (learning how to make graphics for the media). Either one will require some math skills, but Computer Drafting and Design generally does more so than Visual Communications.

The average person with an Associates in Drafting and Design makes $15.34 an hour. The average person with an Associates in Visual Communications who ends up becoming a graphic designer makes about $14.90 an hour. However, the values vary according to location, job experience, and the specific company.

If you want to read up on some examples of what some field choices are, you can check out ITT Tech’s Drafting and Design department, complete with degree descriptions, at http://www.itt-tech.edu/teach/draftinganddesign.cfm . You might or might not want to go there, but they do have pretty good outlines of what the degree entails (such as courses you need to take, and what you’ll learn) and what sorts of jobs you can get with each degree.

Orthographic drawing

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