Drawing Art

11 years ago

Drawing Art
Drawing Art

Any suggestions to start computer art and drawing/graphics?

I’d like to start making computer art, I’ve always wanted to but I had no idea where to start and with what. I hear I can take a still of a drawing and put it on the computer but then, what program would I use. I have Photo Shop 7. I’d like to use a Wacom Pad but can I scan a picture and edit it? I’d like to create world realms and dungeons.
Oh, and is there an instruction book I can follow?

Photoshop 7 will do just fine. A Wacom Bamboo Fun graphics tablet is also highly recommended. You should be able to acquire the Wacom for about $100 US or maybe a little less.

You can scan hand drawings into your graphics software but in order to use it properly, you have to go through a process that re-draws the lines on a separate layer or use a vectoring service like www.vectormagic.com to do this for you and then eliminate the background. Either way it’s a lengthy process that can be eliminated by creating the drawing in the software from the beginning.

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