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Easel Acrylic
Easel Acrylic

Art supplies for a home art room?

so, im turning my basement into an art room… here’s what im getting this weekend:

– Drawing Pencils (6H, 4H, 2H, F, 2B, 4B, and 6B)
– Pencil Sharpener
– Chalk
– Pastels
– Kneaded Eraser and Pink eraser
– Easel
– Brushes ( Round, flat, and filbert)
– Acrylic Paints

Is this good? Im only 13, btw, so I’m not doing anything professional, it’s just a hobby.

(Also, i’m drawing, painting, using pastels and chalk. And photography, but that’s not what this questions for)

Is their anything else that would be helpful? Thank You!

Sounds great what you have listed so far. Don’t forget drawing paper and pads of acrylic paper to paint on. Since this is a starting point for you, you don’t need to buy expensive canvas panels. The pads of acrylic paper are much more economical, $3.99 CAN at Michaels and the pad has 10 sheets. Look around to see if you can find some better buys. As for acrylic paints, buy the ones made for students for now and save up for better quality paints later on when you progress in your painting. I know that Walmart also carries pads of the acrylic paper and it is priced not too badly. You may also want to buy a small container of gesso to prep any canvas that you use if you don’t use the pads. I wouldn’t bother putting gesso on the paper from the pads. You might also want to have some of the green masking tape to tape your canvas paper to illustration board or to a piece of MDF board so you can place this on your easel. Don’t buy expensive brushes since acrylic paint is hard on brushes. Make sure to wash your brushes before the paint hardens on them. You might also want to have a ruler, corkboard to put up on the wall (put up pictures that inspire you), maybe some colored pencils too. You might also want to get one of the plastic sets of drawers on wheels to store a lot of your supplies in to keep them clean and neat. Start saving plastic yogurt containers or whatever plastic containers you have to hold water for when you are painting. An old plastic table cloth or shower curtain put on the floor for when you’re painting will make clean up easier. Keep a bunch of old rags to mop up spills and I really like to keep a container of baby wipes or something similar to wipe my hands on to keep them from getting dry. You will also want to use a fixative so that your pastel work doesn’t smear. You can buy the specially made sprays or you can buy a cheap can of aerosol hair spray (Aqua Net is good) which will work just as well. When I work with pastels, I like to layer my colors and blend using cotton swabs or the velvet like puff you get with powder compacts. You can find these, 3 in a package for a dollar in the dollar stores. You’ve got a good start, so don’t try to get everything at once. Just pick up things as you can afford them and now your family will have no shortage of ideas of what to get you for your birthday and so on. I am so happy that you have a dedicated area of your own to work in, it makes it so much better to have all your supplies in one area. When you go to your local library, try to pick up books related to the art techniques that you are interested in and read all you can. I am so impressed that you are so on the ball and know what you want at your age. I can only imagine what you will be producing in time. Have fun with your art, but try to learn about the artists, the techniques and different mediums along the way.

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