Eco Friendly

11 years ago

Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly

How can you be eco friendly while starting a lawn?

I’m going to start a lawn from scratch and was wondering how to be eco friendly.

Start with amending your soil with a 3 inch layer of compost. Dig that in about 8 inches deep and then smooth out and spread the seeds.

If you want to top dress your seeds, don’t use peat moss. It’s not a sustainable material. Instead, top dress with a fine layer of compost or even bio solids that have been turned into a fertilizer by your city waste management program. Those biosolids are cheap and often even free, but I would never use it on a food crop. The lawn is perfect for seeding or fertilizing. Plus you’re reducing and reusing!

Once you’ve got that lawn grown in, and it will take a ton of water to keep those seeds moist and growing; use an electric or push-reel mower. Gas mowers can produce more carbon monoxide then a car. And let those grass clippings fall onto the lawn. They’ll break down quickly and naturally add much needed nitrogen. Only use organic fertilizer sparingly in the spring and fall.

Most importantly, an Eco-friendly lawn has an accepting owner. Someone who doesn’t strive for the picture perfect emerald lawn. Someone who allows the lawn to go dormant if water levels are low, only waters 1 inch of water a week, someone who hand pulls weeds instead of spreads chemicals, and someone who can relax with a few imperfections.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

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