Embossing Stencil

11 years ago

Embossing Stencil
Embossing Stencil

artistic leather stencil work,a Thai friend has done some what is this kind of craft called in English?

aThai friend of mine has done some very artistic leather stencil work but does not know what to call it in english.It consists of pieces of leather which are embossed with intricate designs ,animal,plants,etcholes have been put in to the work using some kind of tool.I think he works by overlaying a paper patten and then working with his tools to carve inticate delicate pattens.My question is what is this kind of craftwork called in English.

If I follow your description correctly, it’s called “LEATHER CARVING”. A design is overlaid then traced over to mark the lines in the damp leather. A knife is used to cut the lines to add definition. Various stamps are used to compress the surrounding/low areas to lend an almost 3d effect.
If I’m NOT reading the description right, go to:
and find a store near you to take an example of the work in and see what they call it.

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