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12 years ago

Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Floss

What can I do with extra scrapbook paper and embroidery floss?

I have lots of scrapbook paper but i am out of ideas of things to do with them. I need some good cute ideas more than origami though. And instructions would be nice too 🙂
I also have lots of embroidery floss too, any ideas of what i could do with that too…need instructions for those too 🙂

thanks for the help

here are a few ideas where you can use both together.

you could make greeting cards & bookmarks & dust-covers for books.
and use the floss to decorate.
you could also make beautiful filigree patterns with the floss on the card. just punch tiny holes [with thick needle] all along the border of your design. then using floss, weave it through these holes to get a beautiful filigree pattern. if you make a simple circle, you can insert a photo or picture within, & the filigree border will act as a frame.

or just glue the floss on the card paper to make colorful designs/ patterns or landscapes. for texture, [eg. for grass] you could apply glue to the designated area & cut & drop tiny pieces of green floss over it. press gently with cloth & leave to dry.

make a “paper quilt” to use as place mats, wall decoration, table-runner, coasters, etc. Here, make ‘blocks’ out of paper just as you would with fabric. decorate each block with floss or any other material. then glue all the blocks together on a large sheet. also use floss for borders, etc. Finally, get it laminated or framed for durability, utility, longevity.

make Xmas tree decorations/ornaments using both materials. plenty of sites & ideas on the web.
www.papercraftcentral.com – step-by-step instructions with pictures for lots of free paper craft projects
Try these 3-d snowflakes with white, or any color construction paper

make beads & create your own jewelery

hope these inspire you
all the very best & have fun.

How to make a bracelet using embroidery floss

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