Emerald Green

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Emerald Green
Emerald Green

One of the most exciting water adventures you might want to try to experience is exploring the beauty that lies beneath the ocean. You can swim amidst the different and colorful sea creatures, marvel at those majestic coral formations, examine wrecks, or just enjoy the tranquil atmosphere beneath the sea. You will be able to do all of these through scuba or skin diving. Although these two endeavors may accord you the same opportunity of seeing the splendor beneath the emerald green waters, they actually differ in many ways.

For starters, scuba diving involves the use of a set of gears which would allow you to stay underwater for long periods of time. Even just the name scuba, which is really just an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, is a complete giveaway of the very thing that separates it from skin diving. Aside from the breathing apparatus, scuba diving require enthusiasts to don on a wetsuit to keep their body temperature at comfortable levels while exposed to a different environment for long periods of time, otherwise they run the risk of suffering from hypothermia which you really do not want to suffer while underwater

Skin diving, on the other hand, is several gears removed from scuba diving. While diving enthusiasts also don on diving masks, and fins, or flippers as others prefer to call it, they do not have an underwater breathing apparatus which would enable them to stay beneath the surface for long periods of time. Instead the enthusiasts rely on the natural capacity of their lungs to hold their breath which would give them adequate time to dive under and see the majestic glory of a thriving environment beneath the sea.

The diving enthusiasts also wear snorkels to enable them to first view what lies beneath before actually diving in to have a close encounter with the aquatic life. Skin diving is also different from snorkeling since the latter only involves the underwater environment from the surface and is able to breathe through a snorkel all the time.

The two most important gears of an enthusiast are actually the diving fins and mask. While it is the task of the mask to enable the skin diving enthusiast to view the beauty of a flourishing aquatic life, it is the job of the fins to propel the skin diver closer to these wonderful sea creatures, and to help the diver surface to catch some air before diving again.

Skin diving is actually fun and can help you greatly in conditioning your body to underwater environment before actually donning that breathing equipment to stay beneath the surface a little longer. So get your diving mask and fins now and enjoy the splendor that awaits you beneath the sea.

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Colors to paint matser bedroom if carpet it emerald green?

I need help o what color to paint my room if the carpet is emerald green, I want a light color but dont know where to start… thanks for the help

maybe try extremely pale green. you can try plain white paint and mixing in some green slowly and stir stir stir or use a mixer

Emerald Green Holiday look. makeup tutorial

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