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Why Exactly Did Japan Attack The US In WWII?

I may be wrong but I assume the reason is because they wanted control of Hawaii as its location is essential for trade.

Was taking over Hawaii Japan’s goal for attacking?

Their main goal was to destroy the Pacific fleet so America could not get into the war, to stop them from taking over Southeast Asia, which they already had or the Pacific, or probably the American territory of the Philippines, which they attacked when they attacked Pearl Harbor.

They may have eventually wanted to take over Hawaii and maybe use it as a launching point to invade the US mainland or something. But after the destroyed most of the harbor and planes on the island, they did not come back. When Germany wanted to invade England, it bombed England constantly, but never was able to invade.

Apparently some of the Japanese wanted to take Hawaii right away, others wanted to wait to make sure America could or would not fight back. But, of course we did.

This a note, Japanese troops did control part of US North American territory for a time, there were troops on the ALeutian Islands of Alaska for a time. I’m not sure what year.


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