Evening Dress

11 years ago

Evening Dress
Evening Dress

What colour evening dress would go best with dark blonde hair and blue eyes?

Hi, I have a formal event to go to for work that requires me to wear a long evening dress. I am getting the dress made especially but am not sure what colour to get it in. Does anyone know which colour would go best with my dark blonde hair and blue eyes? I am quite pale skinned too although I may put a little bronzer on.
Any help is greatly appreciated! 🙂

depends on your skin tone as well – some blondes look really good in warm tones, others in cool.

try this (if you don’t mind registering): http://www.trinnyandsusannah.com/features/whichcolours/

i think metallics would be neat! i think i was primed by your use of the word bronzer, but it’s still a good idea. you can get muted or flat silvers, golds, etc., if you can’t cope with the shiny ones.

(but if you’re going for interesting texture or colours, keep the style modern + simple)

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