Ever After

11 years ago

Ever After
Ever After

Do you like to play the “remember when” game? Lets play the “remember when you first got married and how happy you were” game. For some of you it may have been only a year ago and for others maybe many years ago. And hopefully you do still remember the early happy and in love times you shared with your spouse. Those were good times and should be etched in your memory. But now are you looking back and wondering where the good times went? Are you asking yourself how you went from happily planning your future to now the saving your marriage mode?

My theory is that we get lost along the way and forget to appreciate what we have. We get married and are anxious to get our life started but reality and responsibility hits. Our marriage is now put on the bottom of our very long list. We take for granted that our spouse and marriage will be there when we need it. And then one day something happens and we open our eyes only to see that we have a big problem. Our marriage has been damaged and we are clueless on how to fix our marriage and stop the divorce. Our marriage is in trouble and we need help.

Step #1

The 1st step you need to make is to talk with your spouse. Your spouse probably already knows that the marriage is in trouble but communicating with each other about it will help get you both back on the same team. You both made the problem and it will take both of you to work it out as a team. Remember there is no “I” in TEAM.

Step #2

The 2nd step is to apologize. And yes this means both spouses. Both have some degree of fault. So each of you need to apologize and specifically for their part and both do a bit of forgiving. Forgiving is most crucial to be able to move forward.

Step #3

The 3rd step is to make a plan of action. In all other aspects of your life you make to do lists and plans. This part of your life should be no different. Both spouses must agree on what the plan will be and how each person is going to participate. If you cannot reach an agreement at this phase then you will absolutely need to seek some type of outside help.

Step #4

The 4th step is to put the plan in action. Pare of your plan should have included spending time with each other. Start going back to the dating phase. Write letters to each other, call or text during the day or maybe even start by saying those 3 words. How long has it been that you actually told your spouse that you love them in a most sincere way? Those three little words can make a BIG impact.

Marriages in trouble can be saved. It takes time and commitment from both spouses. Do not give up hp. Stand up and fight for your marriage. Saving your marriage is hard but the payoffs are so well worth it!

Sherry Watkins is a new and excited Internet Marketer and Consultant who has a passion for helping others. She loves being married and sharing insight on healthy ways to save your marriage from divorce.

If you want more information on how to save your marriage please click here:
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What book can I read that will be a happily ever after?

Every books I’ve read, I hate the ending. I want a book where the characters get married and start a family and like happily ever after, but I can’t seem to find one, can someone recommend any books like that?

– Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (Sea of Monsters, The Lightning Thief, The Battle of the Labyrinth)
-The Faerie Wars series (Ruler of the Realm, Faerie Lord, Faerie Wars)
– Crystal Doors, Crystal Doors: Ocean Realm, Crystal Doors: Sky Realm (trilogy)
– The Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Redd
– Dragon Slippers, Dragon Flight
– Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow- The Host
– This Lullaby
– Lock & Key

A love scene from Ever After

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