Eyelash Yarn

11 years ago

Eyelash Yarn
Eyelash Yarn

What crochet stitches are good to use if you’re trying to show texture with fuzzy yarn?

I recently bought some fuzzy yarn and started to crochet with it. The problem is that my beautiful crochet stitches disappear beneath the fuzziness of the yarn. I was hoping someone could tell me the names of/websites with any stitches that can be used with fuzzy yarns and still be visible through the fuzziness. Right now everything I crochet looks like fluffy material with absolutely no texture. You can’t tell they’ve been crocheted.

When I say fuzzy yarn I mean yarns like eyelash yarns or other novelty yarns.

Those yarns aren’t meant for textured stitches because none will show. Instead, feature the fuzzy qualities of the yarn itself. I use it for trim or accents on garments, for small accessories, or toys. One of my favorite uses for eyelash is to make a tube to cover my dog’s collars so they look like they’re wearing boas.

Try using stitches that are more open, like lace work if you want to show some sort of pattern in the project. Just make it a pattern of holes instead of a textured stitch.

In all honesty I prefer to knit eyelash. I think crochet gets too tangled, but YMMV.

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