Fabric Panels

11 years ago

Fabric Panels
Fabric Panels

Venue, Wedding Decor – Panels of Fabric for Canopy / Drapery , Table Cloths, Organza Overlays, Etc.?

* H E L P*
I can’t seem to find a company / manufacturer / wholesaler who could provide me the following:
1. Large panels of fabric for drapery / canopy effect of decorating halls/venues
2. Nice Organza overlays for table decor (with emboridery and satin finishes and beaded fringes)
3. Circles for drapery/ canopy effect.

If anyone knows of manufactures / wholesalers who do this I’d greatly appreciate this info.

Ps. I have tried Oriental trading, and alibaba.com – can’t seem to find it there.

I’m not looking to rent. I want to start up my own decor business and would like to find out where I can purchase these at bulk.

Well it alos depends where you are located, but if you want something out of your city, then let me help you out…

Thge link below is for REX fabrics they have BEAUTIFUL things!!!!

Hope the links below help

Fabric Panels Installed on Deck Rails

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