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How Do You Determine What Type of Dresses to Buy?

I’m getting married next summer, probably in late July or early August. The ceremony will be a full Catholic Mass and an evening reception.

I’m not sure what type of bridesmaid’s dresses to pick. I know I want black. But, I’m not sure the fabric, the style, the length….etc. All I know is that I don’t want them looking like those typical David’s Bridal bridesmaids dress that are in every wedding I attend.

Also, what about my dress? I know I want my wedding to have a very classic, sophisticated and timeless feel. But, I want glamour too.

What type of dress would work for me. I’m 5’3 and 125 pounds (well, hopefully, I’m in the process of losing weight). I’m an hourglass with bigger chest and my shoulders are a little wide.

What will work for me? And what should I pick for my bridesmaids? My accent color is pink. But, please, no sashes……
Links would be great….I’m trying to create a file of pictures on my computer.

I also didn’t like the normal bridesmaids dresses that I saw plus my bridesmaids were different sizes and had different colouring. In the end I told the bridesmaids what colour I wanted and just let them buy their own dresses. They showed me the dresses before they bought them and they love the dresses they bought (and they could budget for it). If you do it this way and because you want black it’ll be easier for bridesmaids to find dresses that they like and will wear again. As for the accent, maybe use pink flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets.

About your dress, go to a bridal shop and try on absolutely every kind of dress style they have (go have fun). It’ll give you an idea of what suits your figure and your taste. Don’t be afraid of trying on things that you didn’t really like in photo’s because they look totally different when you’re wearing them. Take people with who are willing to be honest with you about what suits and doesn’t and also take photo’s of you in the dress so that you can go back home and look at the dresses next to each other.

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