Fabulous Foam

11 years ago

Fabulous Foam
Fabulous Foam

does bliss fabulous foaming facewash work for curing acne? and how long does it take?

cant say … water iz th only remedy drink alot water .. use a soap free face wash always think positive dear ..u ll b okiee dear..

•Hi Nature has its best and permanent cure, you may use the salty sour way to get rid of Acne:

1) It is actually previously proven that salt can be used as an acne home remedy. Just prepare a salt solution (salt added to warm water) and wash your face with it twice everyday. This will remove the excess oil in your face, the main cause of pimples. You actually have an option to add vinegar to it. Apply it directly on the affected area and leave for 15-20 minutes.

2) Another is by applying fresh lemon juice mixed with rose water in your face, leaving it there for 15 minutes. A continuous application of this for 15 days is believed to give you amazing results!

thanks bye tc

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