Flower Applique

11 years ago

Flower Applique
Flower Applique

Textiles Homework Help!!?

Right well basically I am making a cushion for a bedroom for decoration and I have a booklet to fill in one of the questions are:
What are the social and environmental consequences of your design?
What does this means?

My cushion is based on the chinese culture and is black and red polyester material it has patchwork squares, it has 4 different squares and it has a picture on it (applique) it has iron on dragons with a symbol in the middle (embroidery)and a bird on a tree (embroidery and transfer). It also has a panda (transfer). On the back it is red material and has flowers (transfer) and dragonfly’s which are iron on.

Do some research on your fabrics, place of manufacture, was cheap labour used, were any chemicals used, is anything you used harmfull to children? etc even if your research proves none of these things it will show you have done the work. Hope this helps

Sharif Mosaic Hobo with Flower Leather Appliqu

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