Foam Stickers

11 years ago

Foam Stickers
Foam Stickers

Have any craft ideas using fun foam?

I have foam sheets in the color of red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple,white,brown,and black do you guys have any craft ideas? i have almost any craft materials you can think of so if it involves other materials just put it down but i MOSTLY need foam craft ideas here is a list of things I have
*Construction paper
*foam stickers
*foam sheets
*permanent markers
*tacky glue
*hole puncher
*watercolor crayons
*color foil
*oil pastels
*crepe paper roll
*crepe paper with stripes
*crazy cut scissors
*glitter glue
*wood sticks or Popsicle sticks
*foam number stickers
*holographic stickers
*felt numbers
*white styrofoam balls
*chenille stems
*Large pom poms
*small pom poms
and i think that is all…

you have all the makings of foam marionettes. You know, the kind where strings are attached to their hands, arms, head, and legs. You control it with a wooden cross that’s attached to all the strings. You can be as simple or get as complex with the puppets movements as you want. Depending on the amount of strings you use : O)

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