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presser foot on Brother sewing machine too tight?

I have tried turning the dial to the lowest setting but every time i lower the presser foot to sew it won’t let me push the fabric through so it jams and the bobbin thread get’s tangled!!!
please help i have an urgent project awaiting to be finished
Thanks ! 🙂

You shouldn’t push fabric through a sewing machine… only guide it. The feed dogs do the work of transporting the fabric. I wonder if you’ve accidentally dropped the feed dogs so the fabric doesn’t feed.

Try two things after cleaning the machine completely, as your manual suggests. Make sure you pull the cover over the bobbin case area AND the needleplate, and clean completely around the feed dogs and around the bobbin case. Then, with no thread in the machine and the machine set for a straight stitch, about 3-4 mm long, try these two things:

1) Raise the presser foot. Use the hand wheel and go through a stitch cycle as you watch from the opposite end of the machine… get your eyes down at needleplate level. You should see the feed dogs rise, move towards the back of the machine and go down. If you don’t, check the machine’s manual for how to drop the feed dogs for free motion embroidery and quilting, and do the opposite.
Recheck to make sure the feed dogs are up and moving.

2) Place a piece of paper under the presser foot, and drop the presser foot. “Sew” with the machine
unthreaded — do not touch the paper. The paper should be transported toward the back of the machine, and the needle perforations should be evenly spaced.

If the machine’s feed dogs don’t move the paper evenly, it’s probably time for a trip to the repair shop, though you can try re-cleaning the machine carefully.

If the machine is clean and moving paper, then the problem is probably in the threading of the machine or the way you’re starting a seam. Work through the steps here in the “10 minute tuneup”,
making extra sure the machine is properly threaded and that you hold the threads behind the
presser foot when you start to sew. – Lil brother’s stinky feet and toes while he is playing xbox

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