Foot Janome

11 years ago

Foot Janome
Foot Janome

Brother sewing machine?

I have a brother sewing machine and my daughter has a Janome Hello kitty Sewing machine
We havent pulled them out in awhile but when I finally did I realized that none of the accessories were with it. All I have is the machines and the cord/foot peddles.
For the Janome machine I do have one zig zag foot.
I dont even have a bobbin. And on the janome I cant seem to get the compartment open to make sure everything is in there.
Im wanting to know if I can go to Walmart or purchase the accessories I need such as bobbin,feet,needles etc…
I am very new to sewing so I really dont have a clue if the items have to be specific to the brand.
Help please
Thank you
oh my brother is a VX 1500

An independent sewing machine shop can probably get you the accessories, pedals and cords, but it may not be cost-efficient.
You can also try the machine companies themselves:
assuming you’re in the US.

Walmart will probably have needles, bobbins and maybe a couple of feet, but nothing else.

Janome 6600 buttonhole foot

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