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dressage stretch circles and free-walk?

In addition to my other question (sorry to be a bother, but I am doing self training and I never had a horse that could go past training level before)….

How far down does the freewalk/trot circle stretch have to be for a good score?

Now that I have my mare going more uphill and forward, we have been losing part of our stretch. Her nose used to almost touch the ground (but she was less forward), and now it only goes to about her knees. Now, she is more energetic looking (neck stretched out, not necess. down, nose slightly out) and she isn’t dropping her shoulder when she stretches, so is about knee- height for the nose a good trot and free walk stretch ok for a 1st level horse?

thanks in advance.

The free walk/stretch at the circle isn’t about how low the horse’s head goes – it’s about how freely and naturally the horse moves while still being attentive to the rider.
If your horse is dropping her head to her knees and keeping her legs engaged, taking long, loose strides, then she’s on track. If you encourage her to drop her head even lower and she loses that impulsion, then you will end up with a lower score on that.
One thing I love about dressage is that you get the judge’s card back with comments. These are a great assest, to me anyway, to help you learn what to improve upon the next time you show. Even though every judge is different, there is generally the same overlying criteria that they are all looking for.
Go to a show, and ride your horse the way you have been riding. And when you get your scorecard back, use those comments as your “lesson”

Good luck.


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