Fringe Gimp

11 years ago

Fringe Gimp
Fringe Gimp

Which photo editing program is better? (Yoville players, take a look)?

Gimp or Google Picasso? I’m looking for the one that’s best for designing costumes on Yoville. I know most of you use Photoshop but I just don’t want to buy it, maybe in the future but not now. Anyways, I want to know that which one of those is better for designing costumes, sometimes you have to remove everything and start with an empty Yoville character, and then you start adding hairs (bangs, sleek, ponytail, fringe, etc) and clothes (dresses, skirts, pants, tanks, shirts, jackets, costumes, accessories, etc) and I want one that can do at least some of those things. Thanks.
You don’t have to be a Yoville player to answer this. You can be an expert on photo editing programs. Thanksss
Also, I am looking for any photo editing programs that are FREE and can create/edit costumes. I think this is mostly for Yoville (I’m a Yoville addict)

I have 3 different programs, all of them have their faults/strengths

Paint.NET (Windows),Photoshop (Windows), Gimp2 (Linux). They all are capable of doing some amazing stuff.

Edinburgh is Funny introduces … Late Night Gimp Fight

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