Frosty White

11 years ago

Frosty White
Frosty White

good age for light frosty pink lipstick?

im in juniour high and i was wondering when i could get like a natural colored lipstick…my lips are dark but i am really white. i wear mascara and eyeshadow and lipgloss, the basics. and what is a good kind?

i wouldnt wear lipstick in middle school. i would stick to chapstick or lipgloss but if you must wear lipstick i would frist try out a drugstore brand. my fav would be rimmel. if you like that lipstick then i would work my way up to MAC lipstick.

but i still think you sould stick to tinted chapstick/ lipgloss.

boys dont want to kiss a girl with lipstick.

Emma Frost – White Queen

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