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Fusing Glass
Fusing Glass

Can annealed window glass be used for fusing or slumping?

I’m just getting started in slumping. I was offered some annealed glass but I’m not sure if I can use it for this type of work. Please list your resource. Thank you.

Yes if you are using your words accurately (or even if not.) Annealed means it has been cooled slowly to avoid building tensions or breaking while cooling. All ordinary window glass is always annealed. Here is some being used http://users.ticnet.com/mikefirth/warmglas.htm#CLAYWTRFEA
On the other hand, you may be really asking if tempered window glass can be used. Tempered glass is blast cooled from about 900F so the skin gets hard and the center is compressed. The result is that it is harder to break, but if it is chipped or broken, it breaks into hundreds of small cubes plus small sharper fragments. These cubes are non-threatening unlike the sharply pointed pieces of normal broken glass. It is used for the side and back windows of cars and for front house door glass and shower stall walls. (Front car windows are laminated to keep the glass in place and people in the car.)
Tempered glass can not be cut to shape as it shatters. It can be used for fusing and slumping if 1) you don’t cut it or 2) you use the shattered part (here http://users.ticnet.com/mikefirth/warmglas.htm#FUSEDBOWL) or
3) you untemper the glass first. Since you have the kiln to heat the glass, if you take the sheet (it has to fit without cutting) up to 1000F and anneal it down over several hours, after cooling the glass can be cut.
Caution, just because it is window glass, doesn’t mean it will fuse with similar looking other window glass or with colors as here: http://users.ticnet.com/mikefirth/glosothr.htm#COE

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