Fusing Kiln

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Fusing Kiln
Fusing Kiln

Any advice for a first time kiln buyer?

I decided to buy a kiln. I had no idea there is so many kinds. I was on few websites and my head started to spinn from all that variety of choices(worst than in the shoes store 🙂
I know there is ceramic and glass kilns. My question is can I find a kiln where I could fire both. I would like to do jewelery beads, PMC, small pottery and ceramic tiles. Please bring me back on a ground if I am flying here.
My price range is something up to $700. I have a place in a garage for it. I found a weird looking large outlet there. My fuse box in a basement has KILN writen on one of the switches. I found out that previous house owner was an artist, so I figured she have had a kiln there.

Paragon’s Firefly. Costs just under $300. Runs off a 120 volt household outlet. Kiln is small but should be plenty big enough for any PMC, glass beads, tiles, enamel, etc. Paragon is excellent, you can get any manuals, parts, support, etc. from them.
Look into used kilns as well. I bought a very large kiln used and although it looked a bit rough, it was awsome. I paid 600 for it and a new one would have been close to 3000. I used it in a professional studio and it never gave me a problem. Parts for kilns can be costly so if you aren’t a “fix it yourself” person avoid a used kiln with any obvious damage. (cracks, rusted bottom, etc. PS-VERY important to ventilate. Make sure you do this if the kiln will be in your home.

Glass Fusing: How to Use Kiln Wash

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