Garment Pattern

11 years ago

Garment Pattern
Garment Pattern

Will skipping a seam (attaching two pattern pieces) on a shirt change how the garment hangs?

I’m making a shirt based on a kimono. The pattern I’m using is Simplicity pattern 4134. I noticed that traditional kimono do not have a shoulder seam, so I attached the top and bottom together. There is another triangular portion that attaches to each side front which allows the garment to be wrapped around. I have plenty of width on the fabric to attach these pattern pieces together as well. Will this be a problem? Is the seam needed for structure? Any other complications I need to worry about?
The fabric I’m using is a soft, lightweight silk.

As long as it doesn’t change the grainline of the fabric pieces, it will not change the hang. It will look kinda funny without a seam that’s meant to be there.

Take a look at one-seam pants compared to the usual:

More on kimono:

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