Gem Stone

11 years ago

Gem Stone
Gem Stone

What’s your favourite shape/cut of gem stone?

This is not for an engagement ring, I ADORE my ring, it’s for a gift but this is the only catagory I can think of where gems and stones are discussed with some frequency.

Do you think bigger is better or do you prefer small and dainty?

Thank you for your opinions.

I adore my Emerald cut diamond. It’s so different than other cuts with its long facets. It shines in some lights and sparkles lightly in others. They seem to have fallen out of style a little (with Princess cuts becoming more popular and rounds hanging on too). It’s very vintagy in feel. Plus it makes my .75 carat stone look a lot bigger (not that its that important, just more stone for your money).

The only thing you have to watch when buying an emerald cut is since it has long facets you have to get a near perfect stone since you can practically see right through it.
Good luck!

Gem Stones

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