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Genuine Puerto
Genuine Puerto

It is hard to not fall in love with Mexico. Great food, gorgeous beaches, fascinating customs and warmhearted people make up the culture in this distinctly different country. The one negative aspect may be the throngs of people in the major resort towns. However, just 15 minutes from the resort center of Puerto Vallarta is the town of Bucerias – an old fishing port that these days could be called Puerto Vallarta light.

Like any large resort town, Puerto Vallarta has many nightclubs and party bars to keep the nights wild. The beaches are often pretty crowded, and hometown restaurants offer American and European tastes rather than the genuine Mexican fare. However, not all people like the din of the big city, and large crowds can often wreck what otherwise could be an enjoyable event. Just a short drive north though, is Bucerias – which has everything PV has to offer but at a leisurely pace and with a more convivial attitude.

Bucerias, like most towns on the Riviera Nayarit, was a fishing village at its founding in the early twentieth century. The name Bucerias means “divers” in Spanish; recalling the town’s beginning when a great deal of the people supplemented their incomes diving into the waters of Banderas Bay for oysters. Bucerias is well known for its shellfish and nearly all of the little street and sidewalk vendors offer fresh seafood meals. Fishing remains a major aspect of the regional economy as there are several professional guides in town. Large sailfish and marlin are regularly caught in the bay.

Bucerias is lined with old cobblestone roads and street merchants of traditional Mexican villages. However, this town of nearly 20,000 souls combines entirely up-to-date comforts with ancient customs and the perpetually laid-back Mexican environment. Bucerias has a glitzy, all-inclusive jumbo resort that is as fine as any in Puerto Vallarta, and the theaters and playhouses in Buceria put on plays of the same quality as PV theaters. Clubs in Bucerias are can party as hard as clubs in the big cities, but they have a more laid-back outlook and far fewer people to contend with.

In addition to the glitzy resorts and elegant clubs, Bucerias has a sophisticated side that is often unseen. Artists congregate in Bucerias and the place hosts a huge weekly art festival. Many galleries are involved in the fiestas – which supports nascent Mexican artists who are often having their work displayed for the first time.

Cat Morgan is a New Energy Healer and is now living on the Riviera Nayarit, in Lo De Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico.

As 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day for the next few years, thoughts of retiring to a simpler, cheaper way of living come to mind. One of the great places to retire is Mexico and there are several towns along the Riviera Nayarit along the Pacific Coast of central Mexico that offer whatever it is you are looking for. Bucerias Mexico is actually a bustling suburb of Puerto Vallarta, offering all the big city conveniences away from the crowds.

behind the break #2 why is fox news picking more fights with Canada ?

is the anger coming from that network only or is it representative of the views of republicans ? to talk about a great country like that after disrespecting their fallen soldiers is not right.
it’s difficult to determine what their concerns really are because when one person expresses a genuine opinion (Canadian border should be just as much a concern as the Mexican border) others are quick to make a joke.

here’s a fact : there is no country in the world with less than 8 million people that has as many resources and land as Canada.

a couple things the discussion does.
usually the ‘insignificant’ places Canada is compared to are Belgium, Nicaragua. this time it was Puerto Rico.
says their work as a peacekeeping nation is overrated. (with more troops in Afghanistan than any other country except the US that’s why they haven’t been able to do as much this year).

When a person is jealous of another, they verbally bash them and make up lies or exaggerations or try to belittle them. In recent years, Canada has gained a lot of world respect while the USA has lost a lot of respect. As a result, you have some Americans lashing out at Canada out of jealousy. What’s worst is that they are doing it on public airwaves and it makes them look very unprofessional and immature. Thus causing the Americans to lose even more global respect in the process.

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