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12 years ago

Girl Charms
Girl Charms

how to charm a girl while ice skating?

some friends and i are going to go ice skating as a group. a girl i like will be there, and i am a very good ice skater, however she is not a very good ice skater, what things can i do to charm her and get her to like me, but without having it obvious i like her to everybody else?

HI, I’m a figure skater and a girl, so i think I can help.

First, you wan to show her your good, but not in a showing off way! At first just skate around the rink a few times and do you own thing (maybe with a couple of your guy friends), then go up to her and ask if she want to skate with you, (since your good she’ll say yes, if she says no then say “come on” and NICELY “tease” her till she says yes. Buy tease i don’t mean make fun of her just say “come on i’ll take your hands it’ll be fun), then take her hands and skate backwords with her. After a while keep you distance and skate bye her, and look at her IN THE EYE as you pass. THen (if you can) skate up to her fast and do a hockey stop and get some ice on her pants, (if shes a joking type, if shes serious she may not find it funny!). Thats just a few thing that would work. I see this stuff happen all the time at my rink, so i know what works best. Good luck!


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