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What is the difference between american girl dolls and my generation dolls?

I decided that last Christmas to get my daughter a My Generation doll vs. the American Girl doll. Just to see how she would take care of it before getting the $90 doll. The question I have is how is the hair on these two dolls different. I find that the My Generation dolls hair is very dry, frizzy and thin where you can see the scalp on any hair style (from day one). My daughter is very frustrated by this and was wondering if the quality of the hair on an American girl doll is much better. Otherwise she loves playing with her doll. So I was wondering if anyone out there has experience both dolls and what there opinion is? Thanks!

Hi, my daughters have 2 of each type, and we’ve had lots of AG dolls come to visit. Our OGG hair is a total mess. AG hair is better, but don’t think it’s perfect. Kit and Nicki have very easy to manage hair because it’s short. A couple of the look like me dolls hair is shorter as well. But the other long haired dolls hair will get kind of yucky if you don’t take care of it. Kristen and Molly in particular have very difficult hair. It comes braided and most little girls will have those braids out by the second day and you will NEVER get them back as nice as they were the day they came home. Even the straight and long haired dolls hair suffers with play. It gets sort of frizzy at the ends. You can comb through it but it’s not as smooth as day 1. And you can see some scalp/wig base on the real AG dolls as well if you do certain hairstyles. Worst case scenario you can send an AG doll with trashed hair to the doll hospital and have it re-wigged.

Hair aside, the AG dolls do have a nicer overall feel to them. They weigh a bit more and feel nicer in the arms. They sit better (less spread-eagle). The clothes for the OGG girls will fit, but pants from the OGG dolls will be a little tight on an AG doll and shoes may be a bit hard to pull on (AG dolls’ feet are wider).

ps new AG doll (Julie) coming out Aug. 20th!

How to Manage American Girl Doll Lanie’s Curls

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