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11 years ago

Glass Aqua
Glass Aqua

What brands of nano glass tanks are there?

I know about ADA and Mr. Aqua. Neither of them have the really small (1-3 gallon) glass tanks. Might you know of any tanks? Would a glass vase like this work? : It’s 8 by 8 by 8

JBJ makes a small one that you are asking about. I am not a big fan of JBJ, but their tanks are generally good it is just their electrical systems that I have had problems with in the past.

Most the other micro tanks will be acrylic, other than the ones you already found.

I don’t see why your glass vase would not work.

There are many companies making glass nano cubes (Current USA, Oceanic, AquaEuro, JBJ, etc), but the standards are 6 gallon, 12 gallon, 24 gallon, 29 gallon and 34 gallon. Very few make a glass nano smaller than the 6 gallon.

There is of course the fluval edge but again they are 6 gallon, so not as small as what you want.

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