Glass Beach

11 years ago

Glass Beach
Glass Beach

What materials do I need to drill holes in beach glass?

I have jars upon jars of beach glass and I’d like to drill holes into some of the pieces to make jewelry. How can I go about doing this, what materials do I need besides a drill?


get a 1 or 2 mm diamond drill bit, you will need a holder for your drill or a drill press to do this.
modeling clay, or some substance to build a water dam around where you are drilling, it needs to be kept wet while you drill or the glass will crack.

Drill slowly lifting the drill bit often to allow sludge and water. do not use a lot of pressure, and when you get near the other edge, slow down so you don’t break through.

If you have a hard time holding the pieces, you can set them in plaster of paris before drilling.

If you have any other questions you can send me an email.

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