Glass Glitter

9 years ago

Glass Glitter
Glass Glitter

Should I use acrylic gloss on my painting or put glass over it in the frame?

I have a textured acrylic painting that I am working on…
It has lots of sands, glitters, glosses and stuff…

The edges are matte because I used an airbrush around the edge… the center is still glossy.

I want to even out the entire painting without loosing the texture difference.

Is this a job for a glaze or glass?
oops – meant losing not “loosing”…

I use lots of textures on my paintings, sands, stucco and gels to build up amazing textures. Some of the areas are not built up. I always finish a painting using Liquetex acrylic gloss medium (minimum two coats) here is the trick:
Do not go back and fourth with the brush as this will make things glarey. First Put the painting flat. Follow and mimic the brush strokes and use the same size brush as you used on the painting .. When you come to the textured part be careful not to let it pool or run.
If you are ever not sure about an outcome with any varnish, make 3. small sample painting cards with some textures, glitter and flat surface paint , and just varnish to see how it looks. Put one behind glass and the third I would use an acrylic spray varnish ( it comes in a ready to use spray can at the art store) and see which one I liked best.

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