Glass Jewels

12 years ago

Glass Jewels
Glass Jewels

How do you all feel knowing all the hard money you have put into your house and work will be left behind when?

You die, every day people go to all kinds of stores and buy things that they think they will hold on to for the rest of their live and even after they die(expensive furniture,cars,they add on to their house,paint every room in their house,they might even have a piano made out of jewels and glass)

When I buy something it is to enjoy it while I live, I don’t care what happens after I die.
It’s not like “ohhh possessions are a total waste because you cant keep them when you die”.

That’s like saying “how do you feel about eating a $30 steak when you know it’s just going to end up in the toilet”. Thats not the point, you pay to enjoy things now.. not keep them forever.

It’s just effort vs reward. It’s not possessions= eternal suffering, I like my work and the effort side of my equation is not too bad. I would be doing far more work than I am now if I ditched all my possessions, quit my job and lived off the land.

Czirják’s Art Glass Jewelry – Fused Handcrafts (Üvegékszer)

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