Glass Mosaic

11 years ago

Glass Mosaic
Glass Mosaic

Installing mosaic glass tiles?

Can you install mosaic glass tile (the kind that’s on a mesh backing) directly on painted drywall? The instructions at the store say to first install a backer board. Is that really necessary? Thanks!

First off, you -can- install it on drywall, but it is recommended that you do use a backerboard for most instances. In this case, you are fine to do that though. If you do go over the drywall, use a medium to fine grit sandpaper and rough the surface up before applying your thinset or mortar. Some prefer to have the walls pre-primed before applying it, but i’ve seen it done without before.

A modified -thinset is the best way to go in the long run since Mastic isn’t good for water prone areas, but the mastic will be much easier to work with, especially if you are a first time DIY’er. Whichever you pick, make -sure- that you get a white adhesive. The gray may show through your glass tile and change the look. Some places also sell thin-set specifically fortified for glass tile as well, so that’s also a good bet.

Hope that helps and best of luck! Let me know if you get any other questions~

How to Make a Glass Mosaic : The Glass Mosaic Process: Part 1

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