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9 years ago

Glass Pearl
Glass Pearl

Blackberry pearl doesnt turn on. only shows hour glass for 5 seconds then turns off with red light on.nw batt?

the hour glass turns on for % seconds then turns off(black screen) red light on upper right hand corner! please some hel! do i need a new battery or is my blackberry brocken! and if i do need a new battery please send me a link to the cheapest one because att is now at 49.99! too much! thank you so much

No you do not need a new phone!

This happened to me last month, my phone did the same thing about 4 times a day before returning to the regular home screen and I really thought I needed a new phone and had even started looking for one.

Then one day, I realized I hadn’t received any phone calls from my job, parents, friends and boyfriend so I tried to call myself using a different phone and It wouldn’t go through. So i dialed 611 (AT&T customer help) and after 30min with a tech guy, my phone was receiving calls again.

A few days later I realized my phone had also completely stopped going to the white screen with the hour glass, and the black screen with the red light. Whatever the tech guy did fixed more than just my problem with receiving phone calls. I would really call AT&T customer help first before you buy a new phone.

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