Glass Pendant

12 years ago

Glass Pendant
Glass Pendant

Does anyone know how to make glass pendant with dried flowers encased inside?

What would that be called . Is it easy to do? How & where can I purchase how to books or CD’s and supplies? I want to make my own pendants.
I also need to know where can I purchase molds. I’m preferably looking for rectangle shaped molds for pendants.

There are several products which you can purchase at a local hobby or craft store (like Pearl). A company called “Smooth-On” makes a few different liquid casting plastics you could consider. Their “Crystal Clear” line is very good but is sometimes difficult to work with. Another company “Castin’Craft” makes a “Clear Polyester Casting Resin” this is a good first choice as it is easier to work with and gives the most consistent results, however It does take some practice to get the process right. I have used both of these products myself to make fishing lures, pendants, and paperweights. You can start by using a small plastic bowl as a mold, remember to spray it with a “mold release agent” or a light coat of cooking oil like “Pam” may work as well.
Good Luck

Glass Pendant Necklace

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