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Glass Tile
Glass Tile

best way to ensure (wet) broken glass shards from a jar are completely picked up from tile floor?

glass jar broke on kitchen (tile) floor, whats the best way to ensure all chips, splinters of glass are picked up not just the big shards? (once after i swept up broken jar i ended up with glass shards in my feet =( so was thinking maybe double checking with another method- ie hoover? moist cloth after sweeping?) any ideas? thanks

I think this has happened to all of us!

My suggestion: You’ve already swept once. Dry sweep one more time, but this time, sweep small areas at a time, picking up debris for each mini-sweep with wet paper towel, using a new paper towel for each pick up. Be sure to double check along perimeters, around legs of furniture, betweem fridge and walls. It’s amazing where those tiny shards end up when they’ve finished traveling. In the meantime, don’t go barefootin’ til you’ve done the above! Good luck!!

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