Glass Tubing

9 years ago

Glass Tubing
Glass Tubing

what are the techniques in cutting glass tubing?

To cut a piece of glass tubing:

Create a scratch on the tubing surface by drawing the edge of a triangular file perpendicularly across the tubing. Only make one single, straight cut with a smooth movement of the hand. The scratch needs only to be about 1/8″ long, so do not “saw” the glass with the file, or attempt to make a long scratch.

Moisten the scratch (water or saliva will work).
While protecting your hands with a towel, grasp the tubing with a hand on each side of the scratch, which should be facing away from you. Place your thumbs directly behind the scratch.

Using very little force, pull your hands away from each other and push with your thumbs. The tubing will break cleanly at the scratch.

glass tube cutting

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