Glass Vicki

11 years ago

Glass Vicki
Glass Vicki

OLTL? Isn’t Jess/Tess Vicki’s daughter & didn’t she also?

have multiple personalities once? I remember seeing few episodes in the 90’s when Vicki was calling herself “Jean”, wore glasses & was real “prim & proper”. That was just ONE of her alter egos I think?

yes. viki also suffers from DID. for years the only one anyone knew about was nikki smith, as she was the most aggressive one and came out whenever things got too tough for viki to handle. when dorian forced viki to face the fact that victor lord raped and molested her as a child/teen, viki’s psyche split and more of her alters came out to protect her. they were/are: jean randolph, the gatekeeper, tommy, an angry teen, tori, angry AND violent, princess, a scared little girl, of course nikki smith, and finally, victor, an incarnation of her father.
crimes viki’s alters committed
tori was the one, it turns out that smothered her father with a pillow back in 1976 and she burned down llanfair
nikki smith pushed viki’s husband ben davidson out of a window when he figured out that she was “out”; she also shot and killed johnny dee hesser to defend herself and tina, when he tried to hurt them.
jean randolph kidnapped dorian and kept her locked in victor’s secret room; she also blackmailed dorian into marrying david vickers.

“Glass Heart” – Vicki Richards, Mitch Kopp & Jeff Deen

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