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Glow Dark
Glow Dark

What is the glow in the dark element used on todays watches and clocks called?

What is the element called which is used on todays glow in the dark watches etc?
And would it show up on a geiger counter?

There are various ways of doing it. The most common way is by using a paint that absorbs radiation from light and then slowly releases it. Invicta for example uses Trinite, which is their trademark name for that paint. The problem is that it doesn’t glow for too long and it is generally not too bright.

The other method of doing this, and this is generally only done on higher-end watches such as Ball, they insert vials with tritium on the parts that need to glow. The vials are coated with phosphor, the phosphor then lights up due to the radiation of the tritum. Tritium is chemically, H3. The glow will last up to 26 years sometimes. The problem with these watches is that since they do contain radioactive material, they must be licensed by the nuclear regulatory commission. They are only allowed 25 mCi of tritium in each watch. The link below has more about the regulations depending on what element is used in the watch. Another problem with this type of watch is that they are generally very thick. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon is about 20 mm thick. To put it in perspective, most men’s watches are about 37-43 mm wide.

Glow in the dark cats

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