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11 years ago

Glow Dark
Glow Dark

How to tell if glow in the dark sign is radioactive/dangerous?

I have an old fire exit sign from japan that apparently used to glow in the dark. It doesnt glow anymore, but i was wondering if it could contain traces of radium or other radioactive materials used in glow in the dark stuff. Would exposure to that be dangerous? I dont put my mouth on it, so i dont ingest the chemicals…

…Oh I was going to say lick it, daily and see if your hair falls out, or if you get other illnesses associated with heavy metal toxicities and radiation exposure.

Another option would be to get a device used to measure the radioactivity of something. You’ve probably seen the old ones on tv which makes that rattling noise. There are a number of devices, an electroscope, a could chamber and others. You could also just contact a local university and ask about their capabilities or contact the cops or poison control and ask how to check and get rid of it. If you’ve had it for awhile, you would have known if if were radioactive I suspect, but then again, it depends on a number of factors.

How to make Mountain Dew Glow in the dark.

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