Gold Leaf

11 years ago

Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf

What experiment would you do to find what charge an object is by using a gold leaf electroscope?

I have to design an experiment that finds out what charge is what with a gold leaf electroscope. We are given rods to charge but we do not know what charge they are. we must determine what charges they are by using a gold leaf electroscope. Can you please help me?!

Firstly as you have no reference point you cannot determine which are positive and which are negative, you can only put them into 2 sets.
Pick one and charge the electroscope, so now the leaves are open.Keep this rod separate
Pick up another one and charge it, then bring it near the cap of the electroscope but don’t touch it .If it is the same charge as the first one then nothing will happen. However if it is the opposite charge the leaves will go down. This way you can sort the rods into 2 sets. If at any time you touch the electroscope with a rod you will have to reset it with the original rod.

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