Golden Acrylic

11 years ago

Golden Acrylic
Golden Acrylic

Which is the best White Acrylic for painting?

I had tried several brands and the White Zinc is similar to the Titanium White, Mixing White – many names for the same thing: transparent white. I want a good white, that is not watery and has white colour. Golden is not good quality as it is watery too and the white is the worse. Zinc White, please, help!!!!!

I like Liquitex brand.

Zinc is usually considered a mixing or tinting white and Titanium is more opaque. Try to mix a little gesso in with the white for a more opaque white.

I only use Titanium white. If I need too, I add medium and/or water, and sometimes a bit of gesso. I have found no difference between them when mixing it with other colors.

Encaustic Effects with GOLDEN Acrylics

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