Grand Adhesions

11 years ago

Grand Adhesions
Grand Adhesions

How good is my psychic deck?


Hyper Psychic blaster
Stardust dragon x2
Red dragon Archfiend
Thought Ruler Archfrend
Black Rose Dragon
Psychic Lifetrancer
Goyo Guardian
Magical Android


Telekinetic Shocker x2
Necro Gardna
Psychic snail x2
Spell Striker
Krebons x3
Neo-spacian Grand Mole
Reinforced Human Psychic Borg
Power Injector
Master Gig
The Tricky
Psychic Commander x3
Overdrive Teleporter


Miracle Locus
Level Retuner x2
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
Chthonion Blast
Psychic Overload x2
Adhesion Trap Hole
Torrential Tribute
Bottomless Trap Hole
Magic Cylinder
Sakuretsu Armor


Swords Of Revealing Light
Supremacy Berry
Magical Mallet
Telekinetic Charging Cell
Dark Core
Mage Power
Psychokinesis x2
Dark World Dealings
Monster reborn
Lightning Vortex

So yea thats my deck so plz give tips and things plz =)

Spells & Traps need some work. Try this out

Monsters – 20
(1) Krebons
(1) Mind Master
(2) Psychic Snail
(2) Mind Protector
(2) Psychic Commander
(2) Destructotron
(2) Master Gig
(2) Overdrive Teleporter
(2) Doctor Cranium
(2) Psychic Jumper
(2) Reinforced Human Psychic Borg

Spells – 14
(1) Emergency Teleport
(1) Brain Control
(1) Heavy Storm
(1) Monster Reborn
(1) Giant Trunade
(2) Mind Control
(2) Psi-Impulse
(2) Teleport
(3) Psychokinesis

Traps – 7
(2) Psychic Rejuvenation
(2) Psychic Overload
(3) Mind Over Matter

Total; 41

Extra Deck: 15
(2) Hyper Psychic Blaster
(2) Thought Ruler Archfiend
(2) Psychic Lifetrancer
(2) Magical Android
(7) – Others of your choosing

It is pretty much control. All your monsters are Psychic so you have no need to worry about not being able to activate spell cards. Master Gig is pretty good especially if you have teleport on your side of the field. Good luck on the deck. Seems like it be a fun build.

Also consider using Lifeforce Harmonizer. It can stop Dark Strike Fighter.

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