Green Beach

11 years ago

Green Beach
Green Beach

green crabs picked off the beach. are they safe to eat?

Hi, my wife is an animal, she eats everything and anything. Her latest exploit is going down the beach and eating everything on it.
she does the shrimp in the pools, the peri winkles the mussles etc. I know these are not going to kill her but she’s been getting into the green crabs aswell. As a child I always thought that only red crabs were edible and that the green crabs were poisonous? She catches them randomly under rocks, then drowns them all in a large jar of thai brand fish sauce, bashes them up with garlic and chillies and eats them with a salad with papaya’s and stuff. I’m worried.
is she gonna die please?

I’m no authority on the matter, since I’m completly land-locked, but I thought the shell only really turned red AFTER you cooked the crab? That’s how it is with lobster and shrimp, any way.

Shellfish that isn’t throughly cooked is a big risk though (though often worth it, imo. I love sushi.), so make sure it’s throughly cooked.

You also might want to check if this is legal… The local conservation department/game warden might not take kindly to your wife’s scavenging the tide pools. Fagile ecosystems, and what not.

If she does somehow end up with food poisoning (crabs aren’t poisonous, btw, but they could be carrying bacteria), get some syrup of ipecac in her (if she needs it, she probably won’t if it is food poisoning) and take her to the E.R.. She won’t die, but she’ll feel bad for a about a week, and will probably give up her forays.

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